I want to share Stuart Wilde’s 33 Steps. Stu had a huge influence on me. He was the rock star or better Punk of the personal development movement. Living proudly on the Wilde side, he passed away 2013. His Irish and Sicilian heritage made his voice very special. To me his 33 Steps is the most comprehensive program to transform your life. I dont want to steal his material, I am just afraid that his wisdom will be forgotten. You are able to aquire his material at Quiet Earth.

THE 33 STEPS by Stuart Wilde

by Part I : Introduction

Step 1: I am God. Once you internalize the force, and it is not just a vague intellectual concept of the God within, then you can move to actually feeling the God Force inside of you. At that point, a truly awesome power of perception and goodness enters your life. Step 2: Expanding your awareness.  You’re not so much what you think, but what you feel. The first point of awareness is to discipline your mind, police your dialogue, and cut out any deprecating statements — especially ones that destroy your energy and make you sick. If someone asks you how you feel, don’t answer, “Horrible, grim, life’s a nightmare.” Instead, answer, “Fantastic!” It doesn’t matter if your life isn’t fantastic; that’s only the ego’s viewpoint. Spiritually, your life is fantastic, it’s a great privilege to be here. I think it’s important to remind yourself of that constantly. 

Step 3: Having the courage to go beyond. Having the Courage to Go Beyond, is the act of letting go and allowing your life to enter into the spontaneous dynamic of free-flow. That means less structure, more trust, believing, and taking life as you find it, rather than trying to force it into a preconceived pattern. But as a spiritual being, trust is vital. In the dynamic, exhilarating world of the Infinite Self, you’re flying blind. It has no limits, so it’s bound to carry you to unfamiliar ground. Step 4: The courage to accept spirit as your inner guide. The first concept deals with releasing, entering free-flow, and becoming vulnerable; this one deals with moving effortlessly from intellect and logic to feelings and spiritual guidance from within. As you start to trust, it leads you graciously, step by step. It will take you to the next person, the next place, the highest spot – it knows. How does it know? Because it is everywhere, and everything is a feeling, so it is all – knowing. As you concentrate and begin to rely upon it, it becomes stronger. Step 5: Accepting Negativity as a learning experience. What we’re looking to do is understand death, pain, cruelty, restriction, discrimination, illness, misfortune, and poverty in a different way – not from a self-obsessed, survivalist attitude of the ego and not from righteous emotions, but from a more distant emotion, one where we understand that there are billions of spirits evolving on this physical plane inside physical bodies, and there are certain experiences that these spirits need to pick up as part of this evolution.

THE 33 STEPS by Stuart Wilde

by Part III : Steps 3-5

Step 6: WE LEARN ABOUT THE WORLD THROUGH COMMON BELIEF PATTERNS AND THEN GO BEYOND. As I said earlier, what we think we know to be true, we actually borrowed from somebody else. On the journey from ego to spirit, you’ll want to review and possibly ditch many of those beliefs. Tribal beliefs have their social values, but they also teach fear and restriction. “Don’t do this; you’ll fail. Don’t do that; people won’t like it.” If you internalize God, as I asked you to do in Step 1, or as you may have done years ago before you read this book, you’ll understand that you don’t need a third party to intercede between you and God. If you want to talk to God, all you have to do is quiet the mind through meditation and contemplation and chat away. To do that, you have to go beyond the discomfort of distancing yourself from the tribal beliefs, which usually also means you’ll disconnect yourself from its acceptance and support. Once you are strong enough and have the confidence to stand on your own, you’ll become a real individual—you’ll believe in yourself so strongly that you can be different and not worry what others think. Step 7. ALL HUMAN KNOWLEDGE IS AFFECTED BY HUMAN WEAKNESS. One of the things that will start to bug you as you trot along the spiritual path is the enormous self-indulgence we all labor under. The ego is grim when it comes to indulging itself in silliness. It tells itself terrible lies. It constantly seeks to make itself important. It wants things for nothing. It wants reassurance. It needs attention. It is always seeking to gratify itself. And, of course, a lot of that weakness comes from the ego’s sense of not knowing, which causes a terrible disquiet. However, as you embrace the spiritual path, you’ll understand that you’re in flow. You’re only going to see a few yards in front of you. Everything becomes beautifully spontaneous. Nothing is laid out in little rows anymore. You’re going to have to move without knowing, just feeling your way along and asking yourself constantly, “Hey, how does this feel? Does it feel right?” If it doesn’t, make adjustments. When you can come to “Don’t know, don’t care,” you’re free. Instantly you go past one of the great human weaknesses—the need to know. STEP 8: THE MASTERS WERE SUPERNATURAL BECAUSE OTHERS WERE NOT. The Christ consciousness, the Buddhahood, the flow of energy these masters tapped into, is available today. If, in your prayers and meditations, you start to call upon that energy, upon the name of your teacher, the name of your god, or upon the God Force within you, you begin to tap that power. There’s an enormous power inside you. It is the infinite power that flows from your connection to the God Force. You have the power if you will accept an infinite perception and if you start to see yourself in that way.

THE 33 STEPS by Stuart Wilde

by Part IV : Step 6 – 8

Step 9: POWER COMES FROM DISCIPLINE. In your tussle with the ego, to decide who will control your life, you must have a certain amount of self-discipline, or the ego will always win. So Step 9 is the realization that real power comes from discipline. True power, true knowledge—the ability to embrace the Infinite Self and transcend this physical plane and peer into other worlds, other perceptions—comes only from discipline. Step 10: CENTERING THE MIND. What you are looking to do as part of centering yourself is to complete the process of detachment by training yourself not to react. You need distance, not involvement; action, not reaction. You have to buy the solution in life, not the emotion. Learn to become an observer of life and an observer of self. Step 11: BELIEVING YOU ARE ALREADY THE POWER. Step 11 is believing that you are already a part of this power—that you have the energy of the initiate within you and that you are the power. There’s a tremendous difference between hoping you may become it—hoping you may become a great actor, hoping you may make a million dollars or hoping you’ll marry the person of your dreams. You’ve got to belong to the dream as well. You’ ve got to start felling big regardless—become larger than life. By becoming silently big, you exude confidence, you stand tall for people—not via a pushy attitude, clever dialogue, catchy slogans, and showing off, but in the currency of energy—valuable energy. You have to feel you have it now. You don’t have to know where you’re going in the long term. You just have to know where you’re placing your very next step. Say to yourself as a discipline several times a day, “I’m eternal. I’m universal. I’m infinite. I am what I am.” And as you say those words, watch how they resonate throughout your body—throughout your personality, your ego, your mind. And then you’ll see the world in infinite terms—when you’re not dealing with the finite, when you’re not dealing with the limitations, when you’re moving out of restriction, away from manipulation, where you’re infringing on other people less and less, where you’re interfering less and less—allowing people to be. Bit by bit, that infinity comes up within you. The way you do so is by letting it become a part of you, and you join and become a part of it. So believing is vital—believing in the miraculous, believing in the righteousness and sacred nature of your journey. Try to see goodness everywhere. Notice the abundance. Notice the beauty. Wave goodbye to restriction, and enter into the tone poem of the warm, gentle wind of the God Force ebbing and flowing through your life. Allow the cosmic nature of the God Force to flow. Step 11 is believing you already have the power and that you are the power. It requires you to believe in the unbelievable, to observe the unobservable, to become a part of things that humans normally never see.


Step 12: YOUR WORD IS LAW. It’s important to establish your word as law unto yourself and others, because that in itself becomes an affirmation of your everdeveloping authority over the ego. Embrace your word as law, and you’ll see an immediate benefit as things begin to pop up effortlessly. But you have to mean what you say, so choose your words carefully—be purposeful, and police what you think and feel. In establishing the idea of My Word As Law, you improve your ability to materialize things you want in your life. You understand that when you come up with a thought or feeling and when you express it mentally or verbally, it is going to appear in your life. Because you are powerful, you can materialize your consciousness. The boundary between your internal world and the external world has melted—you have less definition. You see yourself as infinite, so the miraculous is not only possible but expected. There is no more inside and outside; there is only one infinite consciousness that describes all reality. Since your word is law, never think or talk in terms of things being hard, evil, ugly, or difficult. Avoid words like “impossible,” “worrying,” “trouble,” and “problem.” Your problems are not problems; they are challenges. Step 13: ACCEPTANCE. To transcend to the graceful beauty of the Infinite Self requires you to take responsibility for yourself. Once you do, you’ll see that the pain you suffer comes from your reaction to life’s circumstances, not from the circumstances themselves. By changing the way you react, you enter into a spiritual appreciation of life, and a beauty and contentment that is not available in the world of the ego. The fact is, once you understand that the way it is, is the way it is, you don’t have to fight circumstances.  Step 14: JUDGE NOTHING, QUANTIFY NOTHING. Not infringing on people means not interfering, not offering them information they haven’t asked for, not offering them healing they don’t need or want or haven’t requested, not meddling in their lives. It means allowing people to be as silly as they want for as long as they want—in the same way that the God Force allows you to be as silly as you want. You don’t judge. Step 15: HOLD ON TO NOTHING. You are an infinite energy inside a body; the things you have around you are not really yours. They are material manifestations of an infinite abundance. So your car, your house, your clothes, are all on rental from the God Force. None of them is yours. When you depart this earth plane, you’re going to have to leave them behind. Don’t hold on to things, because in the end, it’s a complete illusion to think you own anything. You don’t. You’re only borrowing it from God, and one day, God’s going to want it back.

THE 33 STEPS by Stuart Wilde

by Part VI : Step 12 – 15

Step 16: DON’T DEFEND. You can be inside yourself without promotion, without attempting to elevate yourself, without seeking recognition. And you don’t have to defend the power. The power is indefensible. So, don’t get into arguments with people, don’t bother to discuss it, and don’t talk about yourself. Take the power inside and guard it. Don’t defend it, don’t apologize for it, and try not to explain yourself to people. Just do what you do. The journey is inner. It is the act of making your life sacred. Step 17: CONSTANTLY PURIFY YOURSELF. So, in Constantly Purify Yourself, you are looking at being vigilant against the negativity and destructive power of the ego. Be careful with your dialogue, and don’t express negative energy when you talk. Be careful and purify your feelings. When you’re feeling crazy, pull back and relax. Take a moment to be in nature. You’re not going to take your energy into places where it will be trashed. You’re not going to trash your energy by fighting with people. If a confrontation looks like it’s developing, start to walk away. There isn’t a fight worth having. The initiate walks away; only the fool stands and fights. Step 18: RESPECT ALL LIVING THINGS. OBSERVE THE BEAUTY IN ALL THINGS. Try to stay away from the grimness of the ego and the way it tries to destroy others. Respecting all living things is not projecting unnecessary violence against the animals and the planet, and not projecting intellectual or emotional violence on other people. That’s the sacred way.

THE 33 STEPS by Stuart Wilde

by Part VII : Step 16 – 19

Step 20 : ACTION THROUGH NON ACTION. There is a concept in Taoist writings called wu-wei. It is the idea that there is a natural flow in nature and in life, and that by aligning to this flow and disengaging the mind, one allows things to rest inside a natural simplicity in order to effortlessly unfold in the space of time. Nonaction is really the act of watching the ebb and flow of events and getting underneath life. It may sound weird because in the previous session I was talking to you about being bigger than life. Being bigger than life is an inner feeling. Now, intellectually, you’re going to put yourself underneath. You’re going to humble yourself in the ego’s terminology and subjugate yourself to the needs of others, your clients say, before yours—just long enough to make sure they’re okay and for you to take the order. By being detached, you see inside people’s humanity; you soon understand what people want. Understanding what people want is a way of getting very rich, very quickly. It’s pulling not pushing—a balance of action and nonaction. And, of course, it’s the silence of your meditation, the sacredness of your life—that’s how you create nonaction. Step 21 : DEDICATING YOUR LIFE TO THE SACRED WAY.  Things become sacred when you concentrate on them, revering them and investing them with a special kind of awe. In aligning to the sacred way, you align to the Infinite Self. Develop sacredness in everything you do. Concentrate on the things you do. Washing the car can become sacred if you make washing the car into a prayer. Step 22 : UNDERSTANDING THAT INSPIRATION AND CREATIVITY COME FROM WITHIN. It’s a challenge to think up a new idea or write a poem or paint an original painting. Creativity is often uncomfortable, as it requires you to go deep within. However, as you embrace the Infinite Self, you touch not only your inner subconscious self, but, I believe, you tap into the deep collective mind of humanity. There you will find yourself in touch with all the creativity that there has ever been. The way to start is to discipline the ego. You need order and silence, and you have to be in touch with your subtle feelings; then instant prolific creativity comes up from within. Real creativity is an inner thing. Once you go past your resistance to creativity, past the natural laziness the mind has—you get settled and ready to create, and it’s amazing how prolific and original you can become. The ego-mind will slow you down; it will make excuses. It will worry about how others might react. Worst of all, it is lazy and disorganized. But your feelings, your infinity, isn’t worried or lazy—it flows endlessly; it’s original. Step 23 : ALWAYS MAINTAIN FRESHNESS; WATCH NATURE, ALIGN TO NATURE. As you exist—in your neighborhood, in your job, in your home, and with your friends—you have to constantly pump energy to sustain the situation. When you feel bored and fed up and stuck, what it means is that you have used up the energy of the place where you find yourself. By watching nature and aligning with it, you align to that infinity within you. Nature has no concept of death—that’s why the world of animals is pristine and beautiful. An animal can experience momentary fear as it gets itself into a situation where it is vulnerable, but the cow in the field isn’t sitting there thinking about its life insurance policy. The cow is just being. It is. It’s alive, munching grass, walking around, standing under a shady tree. That’s the eternity of the cow. That is the eternity of the raven. That’s the eternity of the little crawly things in the earth. They are free of ego, so they don’t have a concept of dying. Therefore, they are free of agony.

THE 33 STEPS by Stuart Wilde

by Part VIII : Step 20 – 23

Step 24 : FEAR NOT DEATH, ACCEPT IT, LIVE LIFE By being less rigid, having fewer absolutes and opinions, and working on your emotions and desires, you can eliminate 90 percent of the anguish in your life. Of course, the central anguish we have to eliminate is the fear of death. Half of the fear of change is the fear of not knowing. By now you will already be in a state of not having to know. You don’t have to know all the time.As you retreat from the ego, leaving most of the intellect and logic behind, you will not care anymore. It’s only the intellect that seeks to live perpetually. It’s only the intellect that has fear. In the Infinite Self, you can’t die. You will never be more alive than the moment after you’re dead. Step 25 : AVOID BECOMING A GURU A s your energy starts to climb and you begin to release the crud from your life and move toward the Infinite Self, you are going to become a teacher. You may not stand on a podium and teach, or write books, but you will teach, nonetheless. You will teach by example, by energy. You’ll teach others because you know the Tao, and you know patience and know the art of doing and not doing. Step 26 : PHYSICAL DISCIPLINE The spiritual journey is not effortless; it is a tough journey because it’s the journey wherein you’re going to wrestle the ego into control. This step, Physical Discipline, is understanding that this physical body of yours is a manifestation of that infinity within you. As your energy moves up, you’re going to have to become your own healer. You need to understand the physical body—learn about it and care for it. You’re going to have physical disciplines not only to heal your body, but to refresh it—and to expand its capacity to absorb the new power you are creating so you can take it to a new place. You have to make it ready to accept the power. Otherwise, the God Force can burn you if you’re not ready. And you need the physical discipline to calm the emotions and control the ego. One of the easiest ways of controlling the ego is not giving it the things it craves. The point of physical discipline is that if you can maintain it, if you can begin to create a physical discipline, your energy rises very quickly. There is no one particular thing you can do that is more powerful than physical discipline.


THE 33 STEPS by Stuart Wilde

by Part IX : Step 24 – 26

Step 27: Emotional Discipline Emotional discipline is not buying the popular emotion, not buying into the collective ego concepts of lack, fear, insecurity—who’s going to provide for me? It’s not accepting the emotions that are nationalistic and warlike and staying inside that serenity that is you. You’re in flow. You’re in the arms of the God Force. You are the God Force. Never forget that. It’s important to remind yourself that the Infinite Self is dynamic and fast-changing, and your life will begin to reflect that nature so it can rest in a perpetual state of dynamic change and not-knowing. Step 28 Intellectual Discipline: Decision-making changes from the intellectual turmoil of conjecture and the ego’s agenda to “Hey, does it feel right?” If it feels right, proceed gingerly, carefully, and slowly. Keep asking yourself as you progress and perceive, and evaluate the results of your decisions as they manifest—does it still feel right? If you’re an intellectual person, your mental discipline is to ask yourself six times a day, “How does it feel?” “How does this taxi feel?” “How does this office feel?” “How does this cinema feel?” Look for the feeling. Bit by bit you can wrestle your subtle feelings into supporting you with their knowledge and ability so that your intellect is not dominating your life. Step 29: Philosophical Discipline: Have as few beliefs as possible, to have little or no dogma, and as few rules and regulations as you can other than self-imposed disciplines. The best philosophy is light, breezy, flowing, changeable, accommodating, and easily forgotten.

THE 33 STEPS by Stuart Wilde

by Part X : Step 27 – 30

Step 31 : Quest Quest is that sacred journey from ego to spirit. When you make the decision to seek your Infinite Self, you are joined by a special inner energy. You can call it a guiding light, an archangel, a spiritual intuition – call it what you like. You’re going to take the light of perception and shine it behind your day-to-day reality. As the light shines, you’re going to see the world in its true evolutionary state. You will see how it actually is, not how it appears to the intellect. The process will completely transform your attitude, your emotion, your intellect, your psychology, your spirituality. It will also change your physical body. The more spiritual you become, the faster the cells of your body oscillate—which will require balance—and the faster it can heal and maintain itself as well. Quest comes at the sacred moment where you agree to quit. It’s a beginning and an ending at the same time. It’s that sacred moment when you agree to abandon the fight, the struggle, the emotion, the world of the ego-personality, and you step away. And as you do so, there is an absolute power that joins you from within, that assists you. It isn’t going to lay out the path for you for the next 20 years, minute by minute, day by day. But it shines a light in front of you. It’s like miners’ lamps that shine a yard or two in front to show them the rock-face they’re digging. Step 32 : Fusion Fusion is a consolidation of power. Radiating from your body is an energy that is normally not visible to the naked eye but is definitely there. The name I prefer for it is the etheric. Some people call it the subtle body. It is more than the causal body—it’s the totality of the electromagnetic energy that flows from you, imbued with the total feeling that you are. When you come back inside yourself, the etheric consolidates. You come back through the intellectual and emotional discipline, through physical control, through understanding yourself in an infinite sense, and suddenly the etheric is defined. That takes you away from the tribal emotion, because your energy is now not permeating other people as you’re walking along. There’s a defined place where you are, and that is different and distanced from where everybody else is. Now there’s an etheric gap between you and the rest of the world. Fusion takes place because of that gap. The various components inside you come together, and another defined click takes place. Step 33 : The Initiate The energy of The Initiate is elusive to describe because it is beyond the mind—beyond the subconscious—and intellect. It’s outside what we consider the earth’s evolution. It is here and not here at the same time. Trying to put it into words and descriptions is a bit of a futile exercise—like the first words of the Tao Te Ching, which says that the Tao that can be defined is not the Tao. The grace of God that can be defined is not the grace of God. The spirituality that you can define is not spirituality. The philosophy that you can define is not a complete philosophy, because in the end, philosophy is a feeling as well as a concept. The Initiate is outside of human evolution. So, as you step toward that 33rd energy as I have, the visions will guide you. Quest will guide you. Fusion will allow you to make the transcendence. Once you do step across, you’re not dead. You’re not finished. You’re not sitting upon a mountain with a little robe on, clanking a bell, 500 followers kissing your toe. You’re the garbage man—eternal, immortal, hauling garbage. Looking up the street and seeing through people like they’re transparent. Being a part of those angelic dimensions. Being a part of the spirits of nature. Understanding the evolution of water and air, earth and fire. Living inside an etheric dimension, on the one hand, and being a garbage collector on the other.