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The Spiritual Entrepreneur’s Manifesto
This is a simple, straigth-to-the-point article on what it takes for anyone to become not only an Entrepreneur, but a Great, Connected, and Conscious one…

If you want to fit in, if you want to attach and associate yourself with judgements and perceptions, you’ll always be deeply uncomfortably looking for external validation of your illusionary identity, and thus always be stressed, unconsciously worrying about competition devaluing you, in your business or in your relationships, anchored in your thinking. Mark those words…

You are NOT what you think you are, you are NOT what society thinks you are, and you are NOT your failures, you are NOT anything but who you choose to be!

So start mastering yourself. Start loving yourself. Start forgiving yourself. Start expressing yourself. Start choosing yourself. Start creating yourself. Start giving to others. Start being responsible for yourself. Start moving. Start acting. Start doing. But seriously, start fucking DOING…

Truth is successful Entrepreneurs don’t try to become someone they’re NOT. They connect with their unique set of Strengths and become Self-Aware of their own Value and especially, their own subtle, secret power of Energy generator…

Contemporary physics and researches have showed us that every single living thing, from micro to macro, from Atoms to the very structure of the Universe, has an embedded electromagnetic field around them, called the Torus. Our planet Earth has it too! And, here’s the shocking news : you have this Energy field around your Heart!

You, too, can generate Energy, and that is, literally, the true Secret to creating your Reality, in a place of Love, Gratitude and Compassion, far from Fear, Hate, and Competition.
Concretely, how? MOVING! Staying Healthy.

When you start moving, you then start generating, by yourself, through the Torus, infinite Energy that keeps fuelling you… By enhancing and canalizing great Energy, automatically reinvested through you, you can sharpen your Focus and augment your Reality.

The Torus is like a black-hole which instead of sucking in light, generates Light and Energy, by itself. By being connected to your heart, to who you really are, you tap into those subtle powers like successful people do, and start doing things, creating things, out of real Willpower.
The bottom line of this article is for you Entrepreneurs to understand that you ARE whatever you want to be. You ARE whatever you create. You ARE already, by the second you connect with yourself — your Heart, a Success. You ARE the very same Energy you GENERATE.
Martin Dionne